Success Stories

Here's what happy clients have to say about the Create Your Dream Business coaching program.

This Is What You Get From The CYDB Program

  • Identify the best business for you

    Not all business ideas will work. Through a series of evaluations, you will find out the business that you’re most likely to succeed in.

  • Test Your Business Idea

    This is an important and often missed step when people start businesses. You will (1) learn how to gather market intelligence, and (2) test your idea in the market.

  • Start Your Business Right

    You will start your business with a strong foundation, including having set up the basic financial, operations, marketing, and business management systems.

Update: September 2017

In September 2017, my business moved to the next level when I teamed up with 2 other coaches to form Biashara 360. This new business combines all our skills under one roof and so you get the best training, consulting and coaching to help you grow your business.

So this blog remains active simply to provide information (it has valuable tips and resources), but will no longer be updated.

If you want to find out how you can grow your business while reducing the time spent working, check out what we're up to at Biashara 360.