Did you know that over 80% of new businesses close within the first year?

12 Weeks to Startup will show you how you can start a business that has a high chance of succeeding.

This book is for you if:

  • You want to create more income doing something you love, something that excites, motivates and challenges you.
  • You've been wanting to start a business for a long time, but fear actually getting into business.
  • You have failed in business before and don't want to risk failure again.
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    I wrote this book to:

    • Help you overcome your fears and start a business easily, safely, and with little investment.
    • Provide a simple step-by-step business startup system that you can use on your own.
    • Help you transition from employment into your own business with little or no risk (if that's your goal).

    There are numerous books on business startup and the internet is full of information too. I know this because I am an avid reader and it's taken me many years to grow my business using the tactics I've learnt over time.

    12 Weeks to Startup distills hundreds of books that I've read and implemented. It also contains my learning through courses and working with coaches, and the experiences of my coaching clients.

    The result is a fluff-free manual that you can use to create your dream business.


    This book is AMAZING!! If you're stuck in the corporate rat race and want to start building a proper side hustle, or you just want to get out, get this book!

    - Miriam Ndambuki, Businesswoman
    Get your copy for only 1,900/-

    Learn how you can start a business working only 10-12 hours a week in the business.


    Not sure which business to start?

    Many professionals struggle when starting a business...

    • 1

      Turning your professional skills into a business is a challenge

      A lot of people find it hard to translate the same skills that make them successful in their jobs and professions into business success. You may be an outstanding employee, but when it comes to being a successful business person, you flounder.

    • 2

      Not sure which business is the right one

      There are so many business options today and the internet has compounded this by churning out internet millionaires on a regular basis. So which business will work out for you out of all the options you have?

    • 3

      Fear of getting burnt

      Maybe you've failed in business before, or you've observed friends, family and colleagues fail. You don't want the same for yourself and this fear of failure keeps you stuck. On the one hand, you really want to start a business, but on the other...what if you fail?

    • 4

      You want a business that will take off fast

      You don't want to spend years getting your business off the ground and making it successful. While you do know and accept that being successful in business is not an overnight thing, you also know that it is possible to find one business that you can start fast and get moving (and making money) in a short time. But which business is this?

    • 5

      You want a business that will challenge, motivate and fulfill you

      You don't want to create another job for yourself, especially if you're starting the business while still working full time. You want something that will make you wake up excited and will challenge you to grow as a person and as a business person. You want to end each day feeling fulfilled and happy. And of course, you want to end each day with more money in the bank.

    ...and the list goes on...

    This book is mind-opening. It's very practical and has steps you can do or follow easily.

    - Eva Mungai, Businesswoman

    Are you ready to get started on your dream business?

    Order the book now for only 1,900/-

    What you will learn in this book

    12 Weeks to Startup will help you:

    • Identify the perfect business for you

      One of the keys to having a successful business that you enjoy is simply to identify a skill, talent, knowledge or experience that you have, find out whether people are interested in purchasing it and then package your business into something that people are looking for and want to buy. This book will help you come up with at least 3 business ideas that you have a very high chance of succeeding in.

    • Turn your idea into something sellable

      Knowing your perfect business is not enough to create a successful business. You will need to turn this idea into something that can be sold. You will also need to find out whether there is need for your products or services. Many people don’t take the time to find out whether their solution is something the market is looking for. You will learn a simple business idea research method that will put you years ahead of your competition.

    • Identify your unique marketing style

      Most business people fear promoting their businesses because they don’t know how to market their products and/or services. This book will teach you how to speak to potential customers in terms of the challenges they are facing, and the wishes and desires that they have. You will also learn how to marry what you offer with what people are looking for, and how to explain your solution in words that people understand.

    • Get all the basic startup resources

      While businesses are different in what they offer and how they do it, the basics are the same. You will learn how to register your business (in Kenya), set goals that you’re motivated to achieve, identify your ideal customer profile, create your startup business plan, make your first sale – all within 12 weeks. You will have enough information and resources to start your business quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

    And much more...

    It was powerful to learn that I could convert a hobby into a business and get paid for it. The book is very practical with steps you follow and an action plan.

    - Esther Kilalo

    Meet Caroline Gikonyo

    Caroline Gikonyo, is a life and business coach based in Mombasa, Kenya. She's also a co-founder at Biashara 360, where she helps organizations and individuals discover, define, and exploit their resources to the fullest potential.

    Her clients learn how to eliminate the blocks that keep them from success. They also learn how to have fun while climbing the corporate ladder or growing their businesses.

    Caroline's book 12 Weeks to Startup will provide you with a step-by-step system on how to start a business in 3 months.


    I love that the book starts with (working on) you and then moves to the business. This book is very ideal for the youth who wants to start a business. It's a gift I would give to anyone leaving high school. The (12 Weeks to Startup) programme works. I now work with young creatives aged 15 to 25 years and am loving my life.

    - Nancy Nzoka, Youth Mentor and Talent Developer
    • q-iconWho is this book for?

      It’s for the professional seeking to start a business in their part-time and grow it to the level where you can quit your job and go fully into business. You may also opt to just keep this business as an extra stream of income and continue with your day job.

    • q-iconHow is your book different from all the free stuff out there?

      The stuff out there is general and too technical. My book gives you a strategy for finding out the perfect business for you and then setting it up and growing it on a part-time basis. It will also take you many months to collect the free information, test it and implement it (I know because I’ve been there). So this book is a short-cut to success.

    • q-iconWhat if I already have a business?

      Most of the mistakes that kill businesses are made before and during startup. If your business is less than 2 years old and you’re still struggling to make it profitable, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. This book will help you turn around some of the areas where your business is weak e.g. not knowing what your competitors are doing right, not having a target market, lack of systems to manage your business in your absence, lack of a business plan, and many others. If your business is more than 2 years old, fill the Contact Form below and someone from our team will get back to you within 3 business days.

    • q-iconWhat if I don’t have the technical skills to build a business?

      This book will help you start a business that you can run from home in the initial stages. For most people, the business is based on something they are already doing or know how to do. No matter how big your dream is, it can be narrowed down to something that you can do in your free time (10-12 hours a week). As your business grows, you will be able to identify the skills that you can either outsource or hire employees.

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    Still thinking about it?

    Get the book and learn how you can start and grow your business while working only 10-12 hours a week in the business.

    Order your copy of 12 Weeks to Startup now for only 1,900/-

    All the info you need (to start a business) is in there. It's a degree program to my business.

    - Ruth Koi