There is business before, during, and after elections

Sometime ago, my sister and I had a conversation about the effect of elections on business in Kenya. We were partners in a business that was negatively affected by post-election violence in 2008. So we know up close and personal just how bad things can get! This being an election year in Kenya, I’m sure…

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It’s time to hit the reset button

I took a break last week and went on a 4-day holiday with my mum and sisters. Luckily, my business is portable so I was able to host a teleclass and coach my clients while still enjoying the break. During the holiday, I got time to reflect about my business and evaluate what was working…

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Where is your focus?

A few years ago, I was a personal development trainer in Nairobi. One of the things we did in the trainings was to take people through a firewalk. Now, that might seem like a major thing. The reality is that it takes about 30 minutes of conditioning your mind in order to walk on fire. That’s…

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Be authentic in your business

I learnt a very powerful lesson when my son set up his blog. He was 11 years old at that time. This lesson was one that I’d heard over and over again but it didn’t sink in until I experienced it myself. It’s a lesson on being authentic. Authentic writing I’ve been blogging since 2013…

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take action

Ready, FIRE, Aim

  I have a great CD from Mike Litman titled Greatness Held Hostage. Listening to this CD is like taking a high impact aerobics session on audio. You’re left feeling the same kind of high level intense energy that you get after a great workout session. In this 47 minute CD Mike outlines the reasons…

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get clients

How to get clients for your coaching business

Many coaches find it hard to get clients. You can spend a lot of time, money and other resources marketing your business…with dismal results. It’s easy to get demoralized when marketing and many people simply give up. It may even seem easier to go back to formal employment. I started coaching in 2011, first as…

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